Custom Made Prosthetic Eyes

Custom Made Prosthetic Eyes

For more than 60 years, ocularists within the Erickson family have been committed to refining every aspect of the prosthetic eye making process. At Erickson's Eyes our objective is not only to engineer your prosthetic eye for superior fit, comfort and movement, but to recreate a work of art that is as beautiful and unique as your natural eye. Ours is truly personalized work, and the quality and realistic appearance of your ocular prosthesis is our number-one priority.


Why Travel

At Erickson's eyes we fabricate custom prosthetic eyes and because we do many things differently we have patient that travel to us from around the world. The differences in our process makes us unique in the world of eye making. Over generations we've invented different methods to make our eyes look exceedingly natural. We also pay close attention to fit, which makes our eyes some of the most comfortable available.

Our Process

From Our Customers

"I have been to ocularists from Boston to Beverly Hills, with varying results. The result that I got from Kim Erickson was far superior to anything I'd ever had before. I would travel a great distance to go wherever he is."
 ~ Robert, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"My eye moves really well because of the way Erickson's makes it, and that's because of the method they have developed. This is why I come here, and everyone should come here."
 ~ Mandy, Sydney, Australia